Growing up as a girl today is hard. Growing up has never been easy, but with overwhelming, constant change in society, growing up as a young girl today is, to put plainly, very, very hard.

As I grew up, I respected my mother as my role model and closest friend.  I realized that situations I experience are only parallels to my mom’s memories. As we grow up, the world, and its technologies, grow ahead of us.My generation holds a new power at our fingertips. These tools we use have positive and negative potential but we have yet to learn how to use them and what role they should take in our daily lives.

Being the oldest of three sisters, I have felt pressure, joy, and pride in doing my best to lead by example.  I am now studying at college and find my sisters remain my closest friends and inspirations. I want to share what I’ve learned from my mother, aunt, grandmother, and amazing women in my life to what I learned these past years living on my own. I want to uplift girls for making the wise choices and discuss how to. Sundresses of April is for keeping classy cool, staying true to you and, most importantly, how to have fun while shining.

The incredible woman in my life who wear themselves with confidence and light everyday have inspired me to spread this light to young girls of today.

Young girls, ages as young as 8, use social media. This is relatively new, somewhat terrifying, and likely unstoppable. So if I cannot stop it, I make it my new goal to bring light to it. “Sundresses of April” [@sundressesofapril on instagram] is for them.

I continue to form my own ideas of the world and the woman I want to become within it.  I have won, been rejected, loved boys, and lost best friends, as we all do. But I sympathize with Instagram as a teenage girl, when you have to write a bio in 150 characters but have so much more to say. I know the surprise of Snapchat contorting your face on its way to your crush. I know the inner conversations before wearing an outfit or better yet - posting it.  It’s time to talk about it.

We grow up fast and our world is growing faster. So let’s figure this out together.

I love you. You are beautiful. You are enough. Now, let’s get to know each other.  Follow me and I will be posting content about the fun and the “ugh”s about being young. Message me about anything and I promise I’ll respond with an open heart and open ears. Like, comment, and please share this post. And to you, young girls, your friends, your family, I can’t wait to meet you.

Let’s make beauty with this power tool we call the internet.

CHeCk iT oUT

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